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A perry-style mead that combines the enticing flavors of tart Manitoba pear juice with our own honey and yeast. This delightful mead is an ode to the natural harmony of pear and honey, creating a truly unique and captivating taste experience.


Pear Amour is tart and complex, featuring delicious notes of pear, apple, and honey that dance on the palate. With a dry taste and a 14% ABV, this mead is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and nuanced flavor profile.


Savor the enchanting Pear Amour, and let its alluring blend of flavors whisk you away on a delectable journey through the orchards of Manitoba. Cheers to the perfect pairing of pear and honey! 🍐🍯🥂


Pear Amour

    • Tart Manitoba pears
    • Raw Manitoba honey
    • Yeast
  • Naturally gluten free.

    Does not contain any added sulphites.

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