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We're all about the bees

Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery is a family-owned business located in Manitoba, Canada. We specialize in producing top-quality honey, mead and bee products. We are also proud to be Manitoba's only bee-to-bottle meadery, which means we craft traditional, melomel, and metheglin meads with all local ingredients.

At Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery we are passionate about sustaining the health and quality of our bees, and we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products. Our products are locally sourced and produced in Manitoba, and we are dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment.

Bee on a flower

Our Honey Facts

All Natural Honey products with no added preservatives

100% unpasteurized 

Locally sourced and made from the nectar of the crops of Manitoba

Sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly

No added allergins such as gluten or dairy

Bee's in their hive

New Arrivals

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