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CTV Morning Show

Check us out on the CTV Morning show where we discuss our honey, the importance of bees and supporting other local beekeepers around Canada! 


Local Honey producers create Buzz

One of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages is set to create a bit of a buzz in Manitoba, as the province’s first dedicated “bee-to-bottle” meadery prepares to launch its honey-based wines in the coming days.

-Winnipeg Free Press 11/30/2019

Julie & Kon

A Honey of Wine 

Bee Boyzz Meadery now sampling and selling at local markets.

-Winnipeg Free Press 11/08/2019

The Paseschnikoffs

First bee-to-bottle Meadery Opening soon 

‘Bee Boyzz’ couple raise a glass to the sweet things in life

-Manitoba co-Operator 10/16/2019

Julie & Kon
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