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Are you seeking a sweet, indulgent way to satisfy your chocolate cravings? Look no further than Beeboyzz's Chocolate Honey - a creamy blend of Manitoba honey, cocoa powder, and natural chocolate extract.


Our creamed honey is made from the finest wildflowers in Manitoba, and our unique blend of cocoa powder and natural chocolate extract creates a rich and decadent taste that's perfect for any chocolate lover. Spread it on your toast, drizzle it over your ice cream, or use it as a sweetener for your hot chocolate or coffee.


And because our honey is unpasteurized, it retains all its natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, making it a healthy and nutritious choice for any occasion.

So why settle for ordinary chocolate when you can indulge in the sweet and delicious taste of Beeboyzz's Chocolate Honey? So try it today and satisfy your chocolate cravings a whole new way!

Chocolate Honey

  • 300g

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